At Bilcare Research, Corporate Social Responsibility and concern for Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) is engrained in the corporate DNA.

Energy Initiatives

  • Maintaining the power factor to unity.
  • Power-generating facilities based on fuel source, being replaced with express-feeders from power grids, resulting in improved efficiency and lower cost of operations, besides meeting emission control norms.
  • Electronic load balancing system to restrict maximum demand of power supply.
  • Integrated Building Management System to ensure optimum utilization of energy with online reporting and measurement metrics.
  • Optimized operational practices and uni-directional material flow concept (Shortest Path First) for reduced energy consumption per unit of production.

Environment Initiatives

  • Compliance to International Indoor Air Quality and Emission Standards using localized exhaust systems and state-of-the-art zero-recirculation based air handling systems for operations involving solvent vapours.
  • State-of-the-art trade-effluent treatment facility.
  • Green-belt development initiatives within the facility (over 25000 square meters completed) and in neighbouring areas with over 500 tree plantations.
  • Sewage Treatment & Composting Plant generating high quality bio-manure and 90% reutilization of waste-water for gardening.
  • Energy efficient and environment friendly LPG farm for firing thermopac boilers.
  • Dedicated storage (compliant with International safety standards) for flammable inks and solvents.
  • State-of-the-art automated fire hydrant system.

Health & Safety Initiatives

  • Automated material handling and management devices, battery operated state-of-the-art stackers and forklifts ensure effortless operations and ergonomic compliance.
  • Air handling systems with 100% exhaust ensure employees' health and safety while handling solvent based manufacturing operations.
  • Mandatory use of safety shoes and safety gear on the operation floor ensures the safety of employees.
  • All contractors and third-parties undergo mandatory safety training before project initiation.
  • Emergency preparedness and response through regular mock drills. Specialized training for Rescue Teams, Fire Fighting Teams and Evacuation Teams by an exclusively appointed, qualified SHE Manager.
  • Regular Training Programs on ergonomics, safe handling of materials and work permits.
  • Mandatory Training and Awareness programs on safety before initiation of any expansion project with strict monitoring and control during project execution.
  • Incident and accident reporting by the SHE Manager to Senior Management on a monthly basis ensuring the implementation of all necessary corrective actions.