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Leadership Team
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Leadership Team

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"Innovation distinguishes a leader."

Leadership at Bilcare Limited

At Bilcare, leadership nurtures and facilitates innovation across the organization for continuous improvement resulting in inventiveness. This provides a sound value proposition
to customers thereby leading to customer delight and enabling robust stakeholder
value sustainability.

Leadership at Bilcare has a two-tier structure that enables the aggregation of strategic direction with scientific expertise and superior management in every crucial aspect of functioning.

Management Team

Mohan Bhandari

Mr. Mohan H. Bhandari

Chairman & CEO

  Dr. Praful Naik

Mr. Thorsten Kuehn

CEO, Bilcare Research AG

Mohan Bhandari

Mr. Walter Stroeder

COO, Bilcare Research AG

  Dr. Praful Naik

Mr. Somenath Mukherjee

President, PPI, India

Mohan Bhandari

Mr. Rahul Bharadia

Director, Bilcare Singapore Pte. Ltd.

  Mohan Bhandari

Dr. Ajith Nair

Head Research Services




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