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Pharma Packaging Innovations
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Pharma Packaging Innovations

The deep customer relationships with the Who’s Who of pharma giants give Bilcare a critical advantage that will benefit us in the long term through cross selling of Bilcare’s patented Pharma Packaging Solutions to global players. We believe Bilcare will become a dominant player in the pharma packaging industry globally in three aspects: market (customer) leadership, geographic reach, and product & solutions offerings.

Currently, we are collaborating with global pharmaceutical companies to ensure market competitiveness for their products through brand protection, brand management and brand enhancement strategies in addition to our Optima® services, Brandpack® - Innovative design solutions and 5C approach of strategic consulting in pharma packaging material sciences. This represents Bilcare’s radical shift in the pharma packaging space and is a vital step towards delivering state-of-art innovations and establishing a global leadership position in the industry. Our key strategy is to push high margin products and solutions thereby positively contributing to the overall business growth.

The Company provides brand protection and better control over the movement of a product across the value/ supply chain through its nonClonableID® technology which also empowers retailers and consumers with an easy to use real time means for product verification.

Our aluminum foils, polymer films and anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions make us a force to reckon in the packaging industry and we remain a dominant player in the blister packaging market. Rapid advances in the pharmaceutical industry require innovative packaging solutions. Our material science experts create exclusive packaging with barrier properties and convenience features to protect the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products at optimal cost. Bilcare now aggressively focuses on its key business strategy of providing Solution based packaging material through its unique 5C program that addresses the key challenges of – Counterfeiting, Compliance, Communication, Convenience and Child Resistant packaging materials.


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