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February 01, 2011

Bilcare to provide foolproof high secure tickets for Bryan Adams Concert

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  • These unique tickets can be used post-event in certain lifestyle outlets for availing benefits.
  • Over 35000 such Smart card tickets will be sold from SBI outlets.

Bilcare Technologies, a division of Bilcare Ltd, is providing the ticketing solutions for the forthcoming Bryan Adams Concert.  Bilcare, which has been focused on creating next-generation anti-counterfeiting, security and brand protection solutions, is using their nonClonableID™ technology, for devising these unique smart card tickets. These new smart card tickets cannot be duplicated or forged even by the manufacturer.

Bilcare Technologies has provided its nonClonableID™ system to ensure zero counterfeiting and assure authenticity of tickets for the Bryan Adams concert in Pune, India.

The concert scheduled for 11th February 2011 at the Amanora Park Town Entertainment Arena on the outskirts of Pune is expecting about 30,000 fans.  It will be Bryan Adams’ first concert in India for five years, and mark the start of his latest tour of Asia.

Ensuring the security of the tickets is an important factor for the organizers to avoid financial loss through fraud.  Tickets are on sale at prices from Rs 2,000 (just over £25) to Rs 10,000 (about £140).  Moreover, it is decided to issue robust plastic cards on lanyards, similar in format to a credit card or ID card, so that the attending fans could keep the ticket as a souvenir after the event.

Each ticket contains a special materials-based ‘fingerprint’ using Bilcare’s proprietary micro and nanotechnology.  This make each card unique and secure, the details of the security feature being different on each of the issued cards and separately registered in a central database.  As fans enter the venue, their cards are authenticated against this record in real-time.  To further enhance security, the physical cards are all issued from select branches of The State Bank of India, and over the internet.

Bilcare, which is a part-sponsor of the Bryan Adams concert, will be providing over 35,000 such inimitable tickets. These tickets get validated at the time of sale and are verifiable through a secure Bilcare Reader only. The reader identifies these nonClonable cards at the time of entry.  Every ticket has a signature that is unique for each card, hence ensuring zero duplication and forgery which often takes place during such large scale events.

Mr. Mohan Bhandari, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Bilcare Limited said "We are aware of the massive revenues that are lost due to duplicity and forgery of tickets during mega events and this is precisely what our technology is equipped to combat. With Bilcare’s nonClonableID™ we are now equipped to combat the challenges of counterfeit threats and give brand owners the security they need.” He added, “this will not only enhance their sales and profit margins but will also provide consumers the peace of mind and justice".

These tickets have exceptional value since they can be utilized in certain specific lifestyle stores (associated with Bilcare) to avail of special offers. Unlike other tickets which are made of plain paper, these tickets are also easier to preserve for souvenir vintage value since they are made of hard plastic.  These tickets will be available for a price ranging from Rs.2000 to Rs. 10,000 at various SBI outlets

About Bilcare:

Bilcare is an internationally  integrated service provider to the global pharmaceutical industry offering innovative pharma packaging & research, global clinical trial supplies services and anti-counterfeiting technologies for the pharmaceuticals; while Bilcare Technologies under its nonClonableID™ offers identification , authentication and secure track-n-trace technologies Bilcare operates state-of-the-art manufacturing and research facilities in India, Singapore, USA, UK and has regional offices in Brazil, Germany, China and Australia. Bilcare provides solutions that address many of the industry's key concerns including the Five Key concerns - (5 C's) viz. counterfeit, compliance, communication, convenience and cost.

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