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Chairman's Message

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Former President of India, Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam often used to quote “You are never given a dream without the power to make it come true”.

Launch of our ‘center of excellence ‘at Pune is reminiscent of our old fond memories with Dr. Kalam. As we remember him, we also draw tremendous sense of inspiration as well as aspiration. Inspiration to stand against multifaceted challenges as they emerge and aspiration to be an impactful leader in our sector, while overcoming all impediments.

Long before, Bilcare set up its global footprints in the developed economy, it had a vision to be global leader, and in doing so, it pursued a dream that embodies
Dr. Kalam’s notion.

In many occasion, I had the opportunity to seek his advise and blessings- abundance source of motivation, which in turn helped us in taking forward  some of our innovation on drug dispensing and ncID™ Technology.

Bilcare always looked at pharma packaging from a scientific, research angle, which not only helped us to be a pioneer in several drug dispensing technologies but also protected these innovations with global patents, which in turn helped us to be ahead of the curve, while making our dream come true!

Bilcare Research AG (BRAG), comprising of pharma, specialty and card packaging business in the US, Europe and now Asia, which constitute more than 80 % of Company’s total revenue  is ‘Gaining Momentum’  to emerge as key growth driver for the Company, demonstrating strong turnover growth and margin improvement in the current year.  BRAG’s Revenue has increased from EUR 240 Mn. in (2011/12) to EUR 265 Mn. in (2014/15), current year, despite exit from packaging business worth EUR 40 Mn.  Similarly, BRAG EBIDTA is up from EUR 8 Mn. in (2011/12) to EUR 27 Mn. in (2014/15) due to prudent strategy execution, cost efficiency and realignment of business and products.

BRAG business having consolidated and garnered leadership position in the US and Europe, is now looking to expand and tap high potential Asian markets. Bilcare Research AG acquired Bilcare Singapore pharma packaging assets and aligned to its European and US business model as a natural course of action, and also to expand its customer base in Mainland China, and other Asian markets, making Singapore as an Asian Hub.

It is also plausible to mention that BRAG, a fast growing business is well financed by leading European banks with stable repayment- giving further impetus for growth in sales and margins.

As part of capacity expansion plan to infuse growth and meet customer requirement, BRAG is in the process of investing 15 Million Euro at its manufacturing site Staufen, Germany, where Bilcare is been known for years as a strong and committed partner in the shrink films market.

Our last two years overseas restructuring exercise has catapulted to visible result this year and this trend shall continue in the ensuing years.

Bilcare continues to invest on R&D activities and effectively utilize its investments made on creation of research sites resulting in successful addition of newer products, processes services and technologies to its innovation portfolio.  During the financial year, Bilcare filed 2 new Patent applications related to its innovative products and technologies and were granted 9 Patents, earlier applied.

Bilcare R&D got breakthrough in developing light weight material that can have an excellent barrier for ‘Nuclear Radiation’. DRDO have taken their first prototype trial with this material and have placed an order for the same.



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